The Power of printing QR Codes on Product Packaging

printing QR codes

What is QR Code on product packaging?

QR (Quick Respond) codes are 2-dimensional barcodes that were first used in Japan’s automotive industry. Printing QR codes expanded beyond the automotive industry, considering the amount of data a QR code could store and the speed at which it could be read.

Furthermore, QR codes gained traction in consumer advertising.  As a matter of fact companies used them to store website URLs or other information that could be scanned and quickly accessed with smartphones. The convenience and ease of scanning a code to connect to a website without the need to type the URL meant the need for minimal effort to access a company’s website and increased consumer engagement.

What information could be printed with a QR code on product packaging?

As has been noted some applications may call for QR codes to be coded with variable/dynamic information. For example, one type of variable QR code on product packaging might require the QR code to contain the item serial number, which is unique to each product and changes from one item to another.

Variable QR codes on product packaging have many uses, among which are:

  • Product expiration dates
  • Product serial numbers
  • Production batch numbers
  • Storing website URLs
  • Loyalty programs
  • Counterfeit detection

Printing QR codes can have a width as small as 10 mm (ISO 18004-compliant) to be scannable from 10 cm away! So, information that would typically require a large amount of space to be legible can be easily marked on a product.

QR code printed on sun screen spray

Another key point is an amazing communication channel for manufacturers to market to and connect with their consumers to build brand loyalty and trust. Furthermore, via printing Qr codes on product packaging, customers can receive product information, promotions, recipes, uses, nutritional value, and more. Conversion rates will be boosted when a consumer scans the printed QR code on an already purchased product to access a web page or a landing page. And, the manufacturer is free to modify the contents of the URL – so the same QR code can be used for different messaging.

QR code printed on product packaging

With increasing competition within all business sectors, it is becoming more and more important to create and grow brand awareness and loyalty. By nurturing new and existing customers, companies can have top of mind awareness (TOMA). An easy and effective way to TOMA is printing QR codes on products that allow customers to connect with your company in a multitude of creative and engaging ways.

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