Industrial Inkjet Printer | RNJet H1+

Features of Industrial Inkjet Printer RNJet H1+:

  1. Quick setup – easily integrates into your production line
  2. Superior print quality – markings are easy to read & scan
  3. Print anything – graphics, images, logos
  4. Print on everything – code & mark any surface
  5. Stand-alone operation
  6. No downtime – easy & rapid code change
  7. Turn-on & start printing – hassle-free operation
  8. Maintenance-free Date Coder

*ink is not included and should be purchased separately




Technical Characteristics of Industrial Inkjet Printer RNJet H1+

  • Thermal HP TIJ 2.5 print-head
  • Max. Print Speed: up to 180 m/min (150 dpi) or up to  90 m/min (300 dpi)
  • Max. Print Height:12.7 mm (0.5″)
  • Max. Print Length: 5500 mm
  • Throw Distance: Up to 8 mm
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Ink Types: Solvent & water based
  • Ink Drying Time: 1 to 3 seconds, depending on substrate
  • Ink Colors: Black, Pigmented White, Pigmented Yellow, Red, Blue, FDG Blue, FDG Dark Pink, UV, UV White (ask us for more)
  • Print Orientation: Side-printing, Downwards
  • I/O Ports: Photocell, Shaft-Encoder, USB, Ethernet, RS 232
  • Display: 7″ Touch screen Stainless Steel Case
  • Power: 12V – 5.0A
  • No. of Print Heads: 1
  • Ink Management: Ink Percentage Indicator on the screen & Ink consumption calculator
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 45°C, Relative humidity: 20% – 80%
  • Storage Temperature: -5°C to 50°C
  • Connectivity: USB, RS-232, Ethernet


features of batch coder rnjet h1+, Industrial Inkjet Printer rnjet h1+ with print head in image


What you could print with Inline Industrial Inkjet Printer RNJet H1+

  • LOT Number
  • EXP and MFG Dates (auto)
  • Logo
  • Barcode (any type, including QR-Code)
  • Shift Code (auto)
  • Data-base
  • Counter
  • UDI (GS1 Data Matrix etc.)
  • Ingredients

applications of batch coder rnjet

Why RNJet H1+ Thermal Inkjet Printer is Best for your Production Line


When it comes to industrial coding and marking solutions, RN Mark is a trusted name that stands out from the competition. Our latest innovation, the RNJet H1+, is a portable handheld printer that offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency. With the RNJet H1+, you can easily print essential information such as manufacturing dates, expiration dates, lot numbers, and production dates on a wide range of products. Whether you’re working with food packets, bottles, dairy products like milk and cheese, wood products, metal parts, plastic bottles and containers, or cardboard boxes, this handheld inkjet printer delivers exceptional results.


Industrial Inkjet Printer – How it Works?


An industrial inkjet printer is a crucial equipment in the manufacturing and packaging industry. With its advanced technology and precision, it plays a vital role in coding and marking products with essential information such as barcodes, expiration dates, and batch numbers. RN Mark, a trusted provider of coding and marking solutions, offers a range of high-quality industrial inkjet printers that are designed to meet the specific needs of businesses in various industries.


Speed is a crucial factor in the industrial sector, where time is of the essence. The industrial inkjet printer is designed to keep up with fast-paced production lines, offering high-speed printing capabilities that enhance productivity without compromising quality. With its rapid printing speed, businesses can meet tight deadlines and optimize their operations.


What is industrial inkjet printing?


Industrial inkjet printing is a versatile and efficient method used for coding and marking in various industries. It involves the use of specialized inkjet printers designed for industrial environments, capable of printing high-quality text, graphics, barcodes, and other markings on a wide range of substrates such as paper, plastics, metals, and more.


How do industrial inkjet printers work?


Industrial inkjet printers are advanced printing devices that utilize specialized inks and precise printhead technology to deposit ink droplets onto various surfaces. These printers operate by delivering ink from cartridges or reservoirs to the printhead, where droplets are formed through mechanisms like thermal or piezoelectric action. The droplets are then accurately placed on the substrate, creating high-quality text, graphics, barcodes, and more. Industrial inkjet printers offer fast printing speeds, exceptional print quality, and the ability to handle variable data. With their reliability, efficiency, and Canadian-made quality, RN Mark’s industrial inkjet printers are the go-to choice for companies seeking superior coding and marking solutions.


What is the difference between industrial printer and normal printer?


Industrial printers and normal printers differ in their intended use, capabilities, and design. Industrial printers are designed for heavy-duty, high-volume printing in industrial environments. They are durable, built to withstand harsh conditions, offer faster printing speeds, and produce high-quality prints. Normal printers, on the other hand, are typically designed for home or small office use, with lower printing volumes, less durability, and slower printing speeds. They are more suitable for everyday printing needs rather than intensive industrial applications.


How long do industrial printers last?


The lifespan of an industrial printer can vary depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and operating conditions. On average, industrial printers are designed to last for several years, typically ranging from 5 to 10 years or even longer with proper care and maintenance. However, it’s important to note that advancements in technology and market trends may introduce newer models with enhanced features over time. Regular maintenance, adherence to manufacturer guidelines, and choosing a reputable brand can help maximize the lifespan and performance of an industrial printer. Our RNJet printers are maintenance free and can last up to 10 years with proper care.


Watch RNJet H1+ Printing on Our Customer’s Production Line

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