Industrial coding and marking solutions to print on porous and non porous products with Solvent or Oil based inks

RN Mark is a Canadian coding and marking company that specializes in the manufacturing of coding and marking systems in high resolutions. Our mission is to create excellent technology in the coding and marking industry and bring it to the world with the lowest price.
All of our product lines are designed and manufactured in Canada. All of our product lines are designed and manufactured by our engineers in Canada. Our Research and Development (R&D) departments established and developed and since 2002 we are growing in all industry sectors quickly. We proudly announce that we have many customers and distributors in more than 33 countries.
Our inkjet systems are ideal for printing barcodes, 1D, 2D, QR codes, logos, symbols and text, auto time, production date and expiry date, counter, shift code on both primary packaging and secondary packaging.
RN Mark Canada Inc. is a manufacturer of Coding and Marking solutions for a broad range of industries with small to large size printing. RN Mark Canada Inc. offers a full range of reliable and economic Inkjet printers that fulfill a variety of coding, marking and labeling. RN Mark has complete solutions and accessories for easy installation to ensure a simple and efficient production for different businesses. RN Mark is a Canadian manufacturer of inkjet printing that provides industrial solution includes hardware and software to companies.
Our industrial inkjet printers serve varieties of industries like Food and condiments, Beverages, Sweet and Savory goods, Dairy, Pet Food and Animal Feed, Pharmaceutical and Medicine, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Electrical cables and wires, Electronics, Aluminum Extrusions. In a word, our industrial Inkjet coder and marker can mark and code on very tiny electronic boards till Raw material big bags. We have many years’ experience in industrial inkjet printing.
With RN Mark’s solutions, you can code and mark your essential information on surfaces of many products with different ink colors, font sizes and heights. We can print your data on Glass Bottles and Containers, Plastic Bottles and Containers, Rubber Parts, Tins and Cans, Metal Components, Flexible Plastic Films, Shrink Wraps, Cardboard and Recycle paper, Corrugated Boxes, Eggs, Wood and Lumbers, PVC Pipes, Molded Plastics, Epoxy Laminate & PCB Boards and many other surfaces.
RN Mark’s Industrial Inkjet Printers are designed to print on a variety of surface types.
Our printers include RN Mark E1-18, RN Mark E1-36, RN Mark E1-72, RN Mark E1-72N, RN Mark E1-140, RNJet100 , RNJet 200, OrdioX eco, OrdiopX eco R and RN Mark H1.
Our Solvent-based ink and Oil-based ink include High contrast ink in industrial, Removable inks, Food grade inks, Fast dry ink on Beverages, Solvent chemical resistant, High temperature resistant, Thermotropic Black to Red inks, Slow dry solvent pigmented inks, Slow dry oil pigmented inks.
Our cleaners to clean ink and printheads include Solvent spray cleaner, Oil spray cleaner, Solvent cartridge cleaner, Oil cartridge cleaner, Maintenance red ink ( MS110 Red)
RN Mark’s inks are in different, colors such as black, blue, white, red, orange, green, and yellow are suitable for both porous and non-porous products.

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