Shrink Wrap Printing & Labeling

Printing on shrink plastic is now easy with RNJet industrial inkjet printers. We call it as shrink wrap, shrink film or stretch wrap and one of the reasons manufacturers are using it, is to secure the included tightly. It means Shrink film protects the movement of the pieces and prevents the parts from rubbing against each other during transportation within the shipping cartons. For example, many businesses are using shrink films to wrap Flyers, Brochures, Catalogs and Manuals to tight pages and protect them from dust in transportation.

The second reason for using the shrink wraps is transparency.  The transparency of the shrink wrap gives the opportunity to manufacturers to protect their products from dirt, dust and moisture plus offers a clear view of items enclosed.

On the other hand, some manufacturers are using it to cover the surface of their products as they want to show the logo, production date, expiry date and other essential information.


As a result, one of the important use of shrink wrap is in the food industry. Producers in food industries want to print important information such as company logo, production date and expiry date of the product on shrink films. This printing is necessary to show the freshness, quality and brand of products on the shrink wrap.

Printers that can help you to write your data on shrink wraps are RNJet100RNJet200, RN Mark E1-18, RN Mark E1-36, RN Mark E1-72, RN Mark E1-140, OrdioX eco and OrdioX eco R .

Similarly, all these printers are working with Solvent ink to print on shrink wraps. The colors of inks which we provide are Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow and Black.

Samples of Printing on Shrink Plastic

Industrial printing on Shrink Wrap
Industrial printing on Shrink Wrap
Printing with yellow ink with food packaging printer RNJet on Shrink Wrap
Marking on Shrink Wrap
Coding on Shrink Wrap
Coding on Shrink Wrap

The Best Plastic Wrap Printer - RNJet H2+

  • Low Cost Thermal Inkjet Printer
  • Easy to use
  • High printing speed
  • Dual print heads
  • Print high-density codes at high resolution
  • Quick drying ink
  • Reliable and maintenance-free
  • Resists vibrations and temperature fluctuations.
RNJet H2 dual head inkjet printer

RNJet H1+ Printing on Shrink Wrap

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