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RN Soft

Simply create your design and print it in one easy step.

RN Mark has it’s own software for all existing products. 2 different types of Software are using for PC-based printers and Touch Screen LCD. The simple to use RN Soft is used to create and edit your text, numbers, graphics, and barcodes. the easiest way to create the layout and print with RN Soft any information you are looking for, such as:
– text
– date (auto-date)
– logo
– counter
– shift
– picture
– any type of barcodes (including GS1 Data Matrix Data-base)
– printing Dynamic Data-base etc.  

Our Software is User-friendly, so you could feel like you create a document in Microsoft Word. Simply create your design and print it in one easy step.  RN Soft is a remarkable tool for boosting productivity and reducing costs. 

It puts a professional label and barcode design tool right at your fingertips. Every RN Mark printer comes with RN Soft.

Our Software is for free with purchasing Industrial Inkjet Printer. No limitation of Users and plenty of languages are available. 

RN Soft  – Designed for Ease of Use.

Industrial inkjet coding and marking systems
Design with RN Software to print on products

RN Mark Printers are no-maintenance or low-maintenance

Are you tired to pay for maintenance during the year?
Fed up with paying to maintenance specialists to come to your facilities for checking your printer and replacing some parts?
How much do you spend yearly? 600$ or 1000$ or maybe more? Let’s imagine you have 3 printers, that’s came 1800US$ or 3000$ yearly? 

You don’t need to pay such kind expenses any more.  RN Mark Models have either low- or no- maintenance solution for you. Do you want to know how it’s working? Check the video below:

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