Industrial printing on Pulp and Papers

Industrial inkjet coding and marking on pulp and papers with RN Mark’s printers
Pulp and paper are one of the largest industrial sectors in the world.This sector, which includes products such as office and catalogue paper, glossy paper, tissue and paper-based packaging, uses over 40% of all industrial wood traded globally.
Manufacturers need to send the batches of papers to their distributors all around the world, therefore for tracking their products; they have to print some relevant information on top of each batch without destroying the whole bunch. RN Mark provides Industrial Coding and Marking Solutions for Printing on pulp and paper. Printers that can help you to achieve this goal are RNJet Single Head, RNJet Double Heads, RN Mark E1-18 Single Head, RN Mark E1-18 Double Heads, RN Mark E1-72 Single Head, RN Mark E1-72 Double Heads, RN Mark E1-72 N-Series, OrdioX eco, and OrdioX eco R.
As a result, all these printers are working with Oil ink. The colors which we provide are Blue, Green, Red, White and Black.

E1-140 printing on Cardboard
Inkjet printing on paper
Manufacturing printing on egg box with Oil-based ink
Industrial coding on pulp
printing on Cardboard
Coding on paper

Printing on Pulp and Paper

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