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RN Mark EP-5H/6H
Egg Printer


Industrial Inkjet Printing on eggs

Ready for your production line.

Industrial inkjet 5 head printer for egg coding and printing

RN Mark EP-5H/6H is an affordable, high speed, high-resolution industrial printer for egg printing. Using FDA approved, food-safe inks its can print text, logos, counters, barcodes, time, and dates on eggshells with superior print resolution.

The EP-5H/6H connects to the network through Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and virtual RS-232, so, it can be controlled and operated from anywhere in the production facility. And, it can easily integrate into your production line.

Why you should consider this printer:

  1. Affordability
  2. Easy of operation
  3. High print speed
  4. Reliable and low maintenance
  5. Withstands vibrations & temperature fluctuations

In many countries, eggs are subject to labeling requirements. The European Union requires that the printing and coding on eggs consist of an alphanumeric code made up of:

  • a number indicating the method of production
  • a two-letter code for the country of origin
  • the hen laying establishment registration number

Inks used for egg printing must comply with regulations for food marking inks. Generally, the stipulation is that inks used on food items must be safe for human consumption, whether the food item is raw or cooked.

Also, tolerances might exist for legibility and the presence of markings on eggshells. So, choosing a reliable egg printer that can deliver the print quality and repeatability is essential.

Marking eggs with logos can help with product branding and differentiation. And, this can play a role in assuring customers that your brand offers superior quality and nutritional content.

8 Benefits of the EP-6H Egg Printer

1. Quick set-up – integrates easily into your production line
2. Superior print quality – markings are easy to read
3. Print anything – graphics, images, logos
4. Red and Blue food grade inks
5. Stand-alone operation 

6. No downtime – easy & rapid code change
7. Turn-on & start printing – hassle-free operation
8. Very low maintenance – print head stays clean

Printing and marking on eggs

Print Features

  • Character height: 18 mm
  • Resolution: 180 dpi
  • Speed:  36,000 eggs / hr.


  •  Message library 
  •  Ink types: food grade ink (Red / Blue)
  • Print Orientation: Downwards


  • Wi-Fi  (external module option)
  • Ethernet
  • Virtual RS-232

Features and Specifications

Technology Piezoelectric drop-on demand print-head
Print Speed 36,000 eggs / hr.
Print Height 18 mm
Print Length 9,000 mm
Throw Distance Up to 10mm
Resolution 180 dpi
Ink Types Food Grade ink 
Ink Colors Red,Blue
Print Orientation Downwards
I/O Ports Ethernet, 3 PIN NPN Photocell x 1, 4 PIN Shaft Encoder x 1
Display 2-line LCD with functional keypad
Power 12V – 3.3A
No. of Print Heads Available with 5 or 6 print heads
Ink Management Low ink alarm & Ink consumption calculator
Operating Temperature 32°F (0°C) – 113°F (45°C)
Storage Temperature 23°F (-5°C) -122°F (50°C)
Number of heads  5 heads (option 6 heads)
Net Weight 3 Kg
Connectivity Ethernet, optional external WI-Fi module , virtual RS-232
Power supply Certifications FCC, CE, ICES/GS/US UL/CA UL
Software Windows based RN Soft
Languages English (Default), French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian  and many more (over 30)
 Content Types Static Text, Date, Time, Shift code, Counter, External Database, Image, and Shapes
Print Modes Single and Continuous
Supported Databases xls, xlsx, csv

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