Industrial Inkjet Printer

Small Character Inkjet Coders

The most common use of small character industrial inkjet printer is for printing/marking/coding on primary product packaging (the packaging layer that is in direct contact with the product). Usually, code printers used for this purpose must perform at high speeds and offer superior print resolution.

Printers with Bulk-Based System

Printers with Cartridge-Based System

Large Character Industrial Inket Printers

This group of code printers is primarily for use on secondary packaging (boxes, barrels, tubes, pipes, pallets, sacks, panels, bags, cartons, etc.) 

Printers with Bulk-Based System

Printers with Cartridge-Based System

RNJet 72
Industrial Inkjet Printer
Large Character Coding and Marking Printer.

Establishing and promoting brand image, enhancing traceability, regulatory compliance, and providing quality assurance to consumers are key factors in driving manufacturers to mark and code their products. Using Industrial Inkjet Coding Printers, manufacturers can have a simple, affordable solution to code & mark their products with superb print quality and maximum production uptime. This type of printing technology is suitable for a wide range of applications; our advanced inks are engineered to adhere to any material in the most challenging environments, delivering product markings that endure throughout the supply chain.


Some of the industries using RN Mark’s printers include:

  • automotive
  • beverage (cans and bottles)
  • building products (wood, cement, extrusions)
  • consumer packaged goods
  • electronics (printed circuit boards (PCBs))
  • pharmaceutical (Unique Device Identification (UDI) Marking)
  • plastics and rubber goods (plastic film and sheets, plastic and rubber pipes & hoses)
Selecting Character Size

To select the correct printer character size, you need to determine:

  • if you will be coding on primary or secondary packing or both
  • if the printed information needs to be machine-readable
  • the size of the area to be printed on
RN Mark’s Industrial Inkjet Printers are designed for superior performance
  • Flexible printhead mounting configurations
  • High print quality on both porous and absorbent surfaces
  • High print speeds
  • Maximum production line uptime
  • User-friendly and simple to operate, but equipped with advanced capabilities
  • Dual color printing
  • Multiple print heads can be used together to cover a large print area with any combination of text, images, barcodes, etc.
  • Print on virtually any surface without fear of smudging
  • Clean and maintenance-free operation
  • Remote support
  • Reliable and consistent performance
  • Uncompromising after-sales service


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