Product Identification

Establishing and promoting brand image, enhancing traceability, regulatory compliance, and providing quality assurance to consumers are the key factors in driving manufacturers to mark and code their products. Product identification is an important technology, which can help companies during the manufacturing process and the movement of their product through the supply chain. 


The verification process ensures the correct parameters are entered at the beginning of each process.
For example, it can check if the correct batch number being used.



The Validation process monitors the output specifications of product at the end of each process.

Product quality Validation


Track products and parts through every step in the supply chain, from origin to the consumer point.

Trace ability

Anti-counterfeiting & UDI/UID compliance

Product identification systems guarantee a unique, authenticated product with required standards to report to governmental institutions at any point of trade.

Anti Counterfeit

UDI (Unique Device Identification)

UDI compiles with FDA , IMDRF and EU medical device identification regulations to reduces Medical Errors and provides a foundation for a global, secure distribution chain which helps to address counterfeiting and diversion. It unifies the reporting and track and trace of products worldwide.

Unique Device Identification(UDI)

Rejection System

Rejection and Isolation systems prevent invalid products from reaching upstream process.

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