Product Identification Systems

Product Identification Systems deliver a wide range of solutions for quality control of each manufacturing process, including Verification, and Traceability. Throughout the marking and aggregation process, several cameras verify the readability of coding on the packages, and non-complaint ones are automatically ejected from the line.


All data printed on cases and labels must be verified for accuracy and readability. A sophisticated vision system consisting of multiple cameras verifies the quality and conformance of product markings. The vision system is a part of the material handling mechanism and guides the products. An integrated and precise reject system reliably removes failed items from the production line.

Industrial coding and marking verification vision inspection solution
Industrial coding and marking verification vision inspection solution


The need for traceability is a critical requirement for many producers and manufacturers. Coding and marking product facilitates the tracking and movement of goods through the supply chain. End-users rely on this information to check best before dates on products. And retailers can better manage inventory and make sure that goods are not beyond their shelf life.
Trace ability
Anti Counterfeit

UDI (Unique Device Identification)

UDI compiles with FDA , IMDRF and EU medical device identification regulations to reduces Medical Errors and provides a foundation for a global, secure distribution chain which helps to address counterfeiting and diversion. It unifies the reporting and track and trace of products worldwide.

Unique Device Identification(UDI)
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