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Printing & Marking on Pallets and Wood Products

Printing & marking legible and accurate information on products is an important requirement for any manufacturer. RN Mark can provide industrial inkjet printer for printing LOGO, JULIAN DATE, ISPM MARKING, IPPC CERTIFICATION SYMBOL, COUNTRY OF ORIGIN, any type of barcodes, serial number etc. Specially designed printing solution for marking pallets will keep printer safe and pallets perfectly marked. 


Want to print white or red logo? RN Mark has solution for you as well!

Easy installed inline RN MARK printer for marking on pallets, lumber, plywood and other wood products.  With RN Mark’s industrial inkjet printers you can perform non-contacting printing  not only with black, but pigmented white and pigmented yellow, red, blue colors are also available. If your pallets are blue, red or other colors we could find the right solution for your needs. 

No maintenance. No downtime. No errors.

Mark and Code your products the easy way.

Industrial Coding and Marking on wood products

Inkjet printing on pallets 

Printing IPPC Certification Mark and Country of Origin on pallets

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