Industrial Inkjet Printer Inks

Providing Impressive, Durable, and Resistant Printing Results. Sticks to the surface – no matter what.

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Solvent-based Inks

Solvent-based inks are specially formulated to print on non-porous surfaces. RN Mark’s solvent-based inks are an ideal choice if you are looking to code and mark on any porous or nonporous surfaces.


Print in the color of your choice – Orange, Yellow, White, Red, Black, and Blue are available.

Black Solvent ink
Black Solvent ink
Blue Solvent ink
Blue Solvent ink
Orange Solvent ink
Orange Solvent ink
Red Solvent ink
Red Solvent ink
White Solvent ink
White Solvent ink
Yellow Solvent ink
Yellow Solvent ink

Oil-based Inks

Printers with Oil-based ink are specially designed to print on porous products. If you are looking to code and mark a production date, expiry date, serial No., barcode, logo and other information on Cardboard and Recycled Paper, Corrugated Boxes, and Woods, Oil-Based inks are an excellent choice. We provide our Oil Based Inks in Blue, Black, Red and Green.

RN mark ink, oil based ink,solvent ink

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Black Oil Ink
Black Oil ink
Green Oil Ink
Green Oil ink
Red Oil ink
Blue Oil Ink
Blue Oil ink

RN Mark provides a wide range of high quality inks depending on your needs. We offer High Contrast inks, Fast dry Inks, Removable inks, Thermotropic Inks, Food grade inks, Oil Pigment ink, Solvent Pigment ink, High Temperature resistant and Solvent chemical resistant inks.

High contrast ink in Industrial
Perfect for extruded products like wires and pipes

Industrial inkjet printing with white solvent ink on glass bottles

Pigmented inks
White, yellow or orange pigmented ink is the perfect solution for dark surfaces

Marking on bread with food grade ink

Food grade ink
perfect for eggs, bread, chocolate 

Industrial printing on Cans

Fast dry ink on Beverages
Perfect for high speed production lines
1-3 sec drying time with TIJ technology

Industrial printing on dairy

Fast dry ink on Beverages
10-15 sec drying time with Hi-Resolution Piezo technology

Printing and marking on eggs,

USDA approved FDG ink
Specialty ink for Egg Shells is the best and safest option to mark Eggs

Inkjet printing on Cans

Thermotropic Black to Red inks Perfect for Aluminum tins and cans; after heat exposure, the color will change from black to red

White Solvent Ink on Glass Bottle

Slow dry solvent pigmented inks

We provide this ink in White, Yellow and Orange

Slow dry oil inks
We provide this ink in black

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