How to Print on Wood with Inkjet Printer

Printing on wood has become increasingly popular in various industries, from crafting to manufacturing. With the advancements in inkjet printing technology, it is now possible to achieve high-quality prints on wood surfaces. In this detailed informative guide, we will explore the process of printing on wood using an inkjet printer, highlighting the key steps and considerations to ensure successful results.

Printing Wooden Blocks

When it comes to printing on wood, it is crucial to have a good understanding of the surface you are working with. Different types of wood may require specific preparation techniques to optimize print quality and durability. This section will delve into the various wood types commonly used for printing and provide insights into their characteristics and suitable applications.

Choosing the Right Inkjet Wood Printer

Selecting the right inkjet printer is essential for successful wood printing. This section will guide you through the key factors to consider when choosing a printer, such as print resolution, ink compatibility, and media handling capabilities. We will also highlight some recommended inkjet printers that are well-suited for wood printing.

Printing & marking legible and accurate information on products is an important requirement for any manufacturer. RN Mark can provide industrial inkjet printers for printing Logos, Julian Dates, ISPM Marking, IPPC Certification symbols, Country of Origin, any type of barcodes, serial numbers, etc. Specially designed printing solutions for marking pallets will keep your production going with no downtime, and your pallets perfectly marked. RNJet 72 industrial wood printer is the best affordable inkjet printer to print on wood pallets, blocks, frames or any surfaces. 

RNJet E1-140+ - Dual Head Wood Printer

Industrial inkjet printer RNJet E1-140+

RNJet E1-72+ - Affordable Wood Pallet Printer

Industrial inkjet printer Large character RNJet E1-72

Ink for Coding & Marking on Wood

Choosing the right ink is crucial for achieving long-lasting and vibrant prints on wood. This section will explore different types of inks suitable for wood printing, including pigment-based and dye-based inks. We will discuss their pros and cons, as well as considerations for durability and colorfastness.

Pallet Coding, Labeling & Marking Machine

IPPC Requirements: The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) regulations are crucial for businesses involved in international trade. These regulations aim to prevent the spread of pests and diseases through wooden packaging materials such as pallets. Compliance with IPPC requirements ensures smooth customs clearance and minimizes the risk of penalties or delays. A reliable pallet coding, labeling, and marking machine can help meet IPPC standards by providing clear and standardized markings on wooden packaging materials.

How to Choose the Right Wood Printing Machine for your Production Line

  • Printing Quality: High-quality printing is essential to ensure clear and legible codes or labels that withstand harsh environments, including moisture, temperature variations, and rough handling. 
  • Speed: Efficiency is paramount in today’s fast-paced industries. Look for a machine that offers fast printing speeds to keep up with production.
  • Maintenance: Opt for a machine that is easy to operate and maintain to minimize downtime and ensure continuous productivity.
  • Customization Options: Consider a machine that offers flexibility in terms of code or label design, allowing customization to meet specific requirements.
  • Connectivity & Integration: Look for a machine that seamlessly integrates with existing systems and software for streamlined data management and information flow.


Industry Applications: Pallet marking solutions find applications across various industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, retail, and more. The versatility of these solutions allows businesses to streamline their operations irrespective of industry verticals.

Printing on Wood with RN Mark
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