Flexible Plastic Films

Industrial inkjet Coding and Marking on Flexible Plastic Films with RN Mark’s printers
It’s a big challenge for many businesses to print with inks on thin plastic substrates without flaking or cracking. Manufacturers want to print their images and contents on surfaces of flexible plastic films with small character or large character print very clear and readable.
Also many companies don’t have the technology to print on surfaces with waves and spans between plastic film rollers however RN Mark has solutions to overcome on all these challenges.
Therefore, If you are looking for solutions to code and mark your logo, production and expiry date of your product on flexible packaging, please contact RN Mark.
Our Printers deliver excellent quality of data coding and marking on flexible plastic films. We offer a wide range of printers based on your budget.
Printers that can help you to achieve these goals are RNJet 100RNJet 200RN Mark E1-18, RN Mark E1-36RN Mark E1-72, RN Mark E1-140, OrdioX eco and OrdioX eco R .
Above all, the whole these printers to print on flexible plastic films are working with Solvent ink. The colors of inks which we provide are Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow and Black.

Printing on Flexible Plastic Films