Coding & Marking Systems for Grain, Flour, Fertilizer & Coffee Bags

Low-cost coding & marking on paper, plastic film, fabric, FIBC, or polypropylene bags.

Looking for a low cost industrial printer for coding and marking on grain, flour, fertilizer or coffee bags? We offer advanced coding and marking solutions that ensure efficient and reliable on various substrates, including marking on fertilizer bags. Either you’re printing on woven polypropylene (pp) or paper, plastic or fabric bags, you need a robust inkjet printer that can withstand dusty and harsh production environments. This is not the only challenge for the printer, however. The need to mark bags with speed and accuracy on uneven surfaces requires a printer with a high throw distance. Our cost-effective solutions cater to various bag substrates such as paper, plastic film, fabric, FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), and polypropylene bags.


RN Mark printers deliver this and more. You can count on our printers to provide remarkable performance and print quality prints on any bag, whether made of porous or non-porous materials. Since our printers are capable of multidirectional printing, you also have amazing flexibility when mounting the printer. And don’t worry about maintenance – because not much is required! Simply replace the cartridge when needed and cap it when not in use.


Industrial inkjet Printer for Flour or Coffee or Fertilizer Bags


  1. Achieving Accurate Traceability: Traceability is vital in the grain, flour, fertilizer, and coffee industries. With RN Mark’s advanced coding and marking solutions, producers can print essential information directly onto bags, enabling accurate traceability from field to consumer. This transparency enhances accountability and ensures compliance with regulations.

  2. High-Quality Printing on Various Bag Substrates: Our industrial inkjet printers deliver reliable, high-quality printing on a range of bag substrates used in these industries. Whether it’s woven polypropylene bags or paper sacks, our solutions ensure clear and legible codes that endure transportation and storage conditions. Precise printing guarantees that important information remains intact throughout the product’s lifecycle.

  3. Speed for Increased Efficiency: In the fast-paced packaging industry, speed is paramount. RN Mark’s coding and marking systems operate at high speeds without compromising print quality. This allows companies to meet production targets while maintaining accuracy and efficiency. Our systems keep up with the rapid pace of the grain, flour, fertilizer, and coffee sectors.

  4. Easy Maintenance for Seamless Operations: To minimize downtime, RN Mark’s coding and marking printers are designed for easy maintenance. Our user-friendly designs simplify routine maintenance tasks, ensuring uninterrupted operations. With durable components and reliable performance, our systems reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

  5. Canadian-Made Excellence: RN Mark takes pride in being a Canadian company committed to local production and quality. Our coding and marking solutions are Canadian made, showcasing our dedication to delivering superior products. By choosing RN Mark, you support local businesses while benefiting from the expertise and reliability that come with Canadian engineering and manufacturing.


Our high-quality printing, speed, and easy maintenance solutions enhance efficiency and product integrity throughout the packaging process. Trust our Canadian-made excellence for reliable and cost-effective coding and marking solutions on various bag substrates. Choose RN Mark to enhance efficiency, achieve traceability, and elevate your packaging processes in the grain, flour, fertilizer, and coffee sectors.


Industrial inkjet marking on plastic product packaging

Inkjet printing on plastic fertilizer bag with solvent-based ink


Coding on woven PP Flour Bags with RNJet 72 


Marking on Coffee Fabric Bags

RNJet printer on packaging line operation - Printing on Fabric Bags

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