Printing & Marking on Pouch Bags with Friction Feeder

Printing & marking legible and accurate information on products is an important requirement for any manufacturer. RN Mark can provide either industrial inkjet printers or full solution systems including friction feeders for printing LOT, MFD, EXP Date, any type of barcodes (including GS1 Data Matrix), serial numbers, etc.


Choosing the right solution and/or Date Coder for your production line is an important part of implementing traceability. With RN Mark’s industrial inkjet printers you can perform non-contact printing on pouch bags, boxes for your confectionary lines, cannabis and cosmetics products, food and pet packaging, medical tests and pharmaceutical products, tea and coffee production, and endless more applications.


Increase your bottom line by decreasing your downtime.


Our knowledgeable team of engineers have designed one of the most affordable and high-quality solutions on the market for your production line. It’s much easier to buy the full solution, than looking for different equipment from various suppliers and trying to make them work together. You can get an all inclusive system: industrial inline hi-resolution inkjet printer and friction feeder from one company.


What are the benefits?

  • Only one company to contact to for the full solution as well as technical questions
  • Our specialists can pre-assemble the equipment for you (as per samples you send to us)
  • Special discount for the full solution 
  • Prompt, cohesive support


You will have a cost-effective, robust solution that can handle your requirements well into the future, producing clean and legible codes on primary or secondary packaging regardless of the environmental temperature and humidity levels.

Our specially designed machines allow you to rest easy knowing there is 0 costly maintenance to keep up with, and that they will continue to run smoothly without your constant supervision.

Industrial Coding and Marking on pouch bags

Inkjet printing on pouch bags 

Printing production, expiration date and LOT number with RN Mark printers

No maintenance. No downtime. No errors.

Mark and Code your products the easy way.

Printing on pouch bags and boxes is so simple with RN Mark Printers. Our 0 maintenance machines will be the best solution for your production line and the cheaper solution for Label Printing. RN Mark inline inkjet printers will help you to identify your products with production date and expiry date, text, logos, counters, barcodes, time, and more directly onto cardboard containers, corrugated boxes, cartons or other product packaging.

For applications requiring small prints such as printing EXP and MGD Date, Lot No, barcodes, etc, RN Mark offers the following models:


For application requiring a print more than 36mm (2″) in height, such as label replacement on boxes or ingredient lists, RN Mark offers the models below:

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