Date Coder for Beverage & Beer Cans

Code & mark on bottles, cans and more in harsh production environments.

We here at RN Mark are huge beer lovers, and as such, we are thrilled to be able to provide solutions for all different sizes of Breweries and Soft Drink Manufacturers. You guys work hard everyday to deliver people the products they enjoy, and you know how important it is that your clients are able to clearly see until what date they can enjoy your product. RN Mark has the perfect solution for Brewery and Soft Drinks Manufacturers, no matter what size of production they may have.

We have many different affordable solutions for various types of Manufacturers. RNJet H1+ is a great option to print on the edge or side of the can, as well as on labels, sleeves, bottles, and plastic. 

With a variety of colors from black to pigmented white and yellow, red, or blue, you can print on any color surfaces with ease! 

Consult with one of our specialists today to determine the best solution for your production line.

Want to mark your products in white? RN Mark has a solution for you as well!

RN MARK offers easily installed inkjet printers for marking on alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage cans. With RN Mark’s industrial inkjet printers you can perform non-contacting printing  not only with black, but pigmented white and pigmented yellow, red, blue colors are also available. 

Printing on Beverage Cans Manually

Printing on Beverage Cans
with Conveyor

On which materials can you print? 

With RN Mark’s inline solution, it’s easy and cost-effective to mark your products whether they’re aluminum cans, labels, plastic or sleeves! The RNJet 100 or RNJet H1+ could be the ideal solution to fit your needs. Consult with our specialist to get the right solution for your production line.

Date Coder to print on the Side of Beverage Can

Inkjet printing PKGD on the Beverage Can

 Printing MFD on the Edge of Beer Can

Printing on Beverage Cans

The Importance of Coding and Marking on Beverage Cans

 In the highly competitive beverage industry, clear and accurate coding and marking on beverage cans play a crucial role in product identification, brand recognition, and consumer trust. These codes provide essential information such as batch numbers, expiration dates, barcodes, and logos. By ensuring that every can is properly coded and marked, beverage companies can track their products throughout the supply chain, maintain inventory control, and meet regulatory requirements.


  1. Challenges in the Beverage Industry: The beverage industry poses unique challenges when it comes to coding and marking. Factors such as high-speed production lines, varying can sizes and materials, condensation, and environmental factors require specialized solutions. Additionally, the need for quick-drying inks that adhere to different types of cans is imperative to prevent smudging or fading.

  2. RN Mark’s Coding and Marking Solutions for Beverage Cans: RN Mark understands the specific needs of the beverage industry and offers cutting-edge printers that excel in coding and marking on beverage cans. Their printers are equipped with high-speed printing capabilities to keep up with fast-paced production lines. The precision coding ensures legible and durable codes on various can materials including aluminum, tinplate, or even glass bottles.

  3. Efficient Batch Coding: With RN Mark’s printers, beverage companies can easily implement batch coding on their cans. This enables traceability and facilitates product recalls if necessary. The printers can seamlessly integrate with existing production lines, allowing for efficient and accurate batch coding without compromising production speed.

  4. Advanced Ink Technology: RN Mark’s printers utilize advanced ink technology that ensures quick-drying and long-lasting codes on beverage cans. This eliminates the risk of smudging or fading, even in humid or condensation-prone environments. The inks are formulated to adhere to different can surfaces, providing reliable and high-quality coding and marking results.

  5. Easy Maintenance and Reliability: RN Mark’s printers are designed for ease of maintenance and reliability. With their Canadian-made quality and focus on technical precision, these printers require minimal downtime for maintenance or repairs. This ensures continuous production and reduces operational costs for beverage companies.

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