Solvent Spray Cleaner


After some time of printing on non-porous material, the heads of your printer can get dirty, reducing the quality of print. Solvent Spray Cleaner is available to remove debris and containment from the nozzle plate and fix this issue. Cleaning the nozzle plates is one of the functions of this spray, and another usage of Solvent Spray Cleaner is in your start-up routine at the beginning of each day to unclog the nozzles.

Solvent Cartridge Cleaner


When using solvent ink, the internal ink system circuit should be cleaned using Solvent Cartridge Cleaner. In addition to this, we strongly recommend using this cartridge cleaner to purge the internal system when changing the color of your ink.

If you find yourself not needing your printer for an extended period of time, this solvent cartridge cleaner can also be used to park your system.

Oil Spray Cleaner


With continuous printing on porous material, your printer’s heads will start to get dirty, reducing the quality of your print. We provide Oil Spray Cleaner to clean your nozzle plates and remove any dirt from the print head. We strongly recommend using Oil Spray Cleaner to maintain an excellent quality of print.

Oil Cartridge Cleaner


We strongly recommend using Oil Cartridge Cleaner when changing the color of your ink. This cartridge cleaner cleans the head from previous inks and prepares it for the new color. 

The second usage of the Oil Cartridge Cleaner is in the internal ink system; this cartridge cleans the internal operation of the inkjet oil printers.

Maintenance Red Ink (MS 110 RED)


If you will not be utilizing your printer for more than two weeks, we strongly recommend using the Maintenance Red Ink (MS 110 Red) cartridge to protect your system by unclogging the nozzles.